Data Science: An Interesting Career Option

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach toward gaining valuable insights from Big data. These insights help an organisation in improving its operations and making efficient and intelligent decisions. It makes use of techniques like Machine learning, Cluster analysis, Data mining, Visualization and employs the field of Mathematics and statistics.

Why Data Science?

From this requirement, its significance is increasing giving rise and processing of this data and Information science gains with each passing day. With 2.5 liquidation bytes being produced daily, the skill of coordinating this collection gives one extra advantage. Companies like Google Microsoft are searching for raising job vacancies. The influence of information science is across all major industries like healthcare, finance, retail, chemical, agriculture, media etc..

Data Scientist

A data scientist’s role would be to manage data suitable techniques. They Have to be well versed in the programming language of R Python MATLAB Pig, Spark. Data scientists are proficient in predictive modelling distributed computing, Math and Machine learning.

Skills Required

Information scientist requires mastering skills to excel in the field. These include SQL, R programming Hadoop Platform Machine, database/Coding. Besides these abilities, Scientist requires some skills: Analytical ability, communication that is exceptional Problem-solving skills, strategic Acumen.

Job titles offered by Data Science: Some distinguished job titles offered by Data science are:

  • Engineer: Build their Function is to develop, test, and maintain the Architecture (like databases and large-scale processing systems). Facebook, Amazon, and Spotify employees.
  • Architect: They produce patterns for a data management system to Incorporate, maintain, protect and centralize data resources — data solutions understanding of database architecture System development, modelling, Extraction Transformation. Logitech, VISA hire them.
  • Administrator: They guarantee that the database is performing is available to all users and is being kept secure. They are proficient in Data modelling and design, Distributed Computing, Database systems (SQL & NoSQL based), Safety, and Business Knowledge. Twitter, Reddit employees them.

What Data Science has to offer as a career?

Being the”Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, Data science promises a bright career to its professionals. A report by Glass door claims that Data scientist leads with 1,736 job openings for Data Laboratory and a salary of $116,000 for the job. In this era of exposure to data science is becoming more and more common with technologies such as phones. In fact, companies have also used technology to store data. The Human Resources department has also used one of their systems, HRMS, for payroll distribution because of the system is very fast and easy to use.